I accidentally transfered my account to CIS region and dont know how to change back

Hi, I was trying to get a bonus from the 4 countries and when I went to russia’s i made a account for pixel storm to get the bonus and when i restarted war thunder it said “Profile moved to other Region” it told me to go to migration.warthunder.com but it was in all russian and there was no way to change back to USA. can someone please help?

There is no way from that ghetto.
What did you even want there at all?
You sure you have finished migration?
Because if not, you’re safe.


Im not sure if it finished migration or not



How long does it take for them to usually respond? I sent one about 4 hours ago

Congratulations, the account will now be in CIS forever. There is no way to switch back. And those who did not switch now have no opportunity to communicate on the Russian forum


I usually got a response within a day.

Okay thanks for letting me know but im not sure if they can do anything because war164712 said there is no way to switch back


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Just try to log-in via Steam, or your standalone launcher, if you’ll success, then there is nothing to worry about.

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ok i will try it in a bit i will keep you updated

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Purely technically, they’re not doing an account transfer, they’re just copying your account. You get two versions. But they change something and you get something like a redirection to an account with another publisher

does that mean i am still able to access the account?

I haven’t delved into that question. Just try it, maybe it will work. Maybe tech support will give you your account back. You just gotta try and try and try

s**t happens.
Never migrate to a DIFFICULT REGION


For an avatar like that, would you transfer the account to CIS?

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Maybe if I was REALLY horny

Comrade, there is no horny in the CIS. ONLY STRONG AND SOLID MALE FRIENDSHIP


ok got it