I-185(M-82) vs I-185(M-71)

Can anyone help me compare it peformance and decide which is better?

The difference is the engine.

The M82 use a 1700ch

The M71 use a 2000ch
It’s a bit heavier, therefore it’s best for Boom and Zoom tactics compared to M82 one - principle of Energy Retention

What about their turn times? Do those the same as the stat cards say?

I wouldnt trust the stat card indications, diferent aircraft turn diferently at various speeds so it can depend, ive seen bombers with the right energy take out spitfires and zeros in a turn fight before

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IMO M82 is better for it’s BR.

You get the same firepower and the engine is a bit less of a nuclear reactor.

These planes don’t turn well at all, but have great roll rate - like a FW190.

They climb like rockets, and are best used as BNZ or energy fighters.

I would say they are not newb friendly and require skill + game knowledge to get good results constantly.

Not noob friendly? Compared to some other BnZ fighters, they’re. ^^"

go use an arsenal VB.10, you’ll see what is not noob friendly. ^^"

The fellow player 2 posts above is right - the M-82 is the better offer due to the lower BR - and it is more or less a 190 with very good climb. That is imho the main reason why i meet just a few of the M-71 - so one every 3rd or 4th week.

But - in case you prefer high altitude fights you should consider using the M-71 - the plane is significantly faster at altitudes above 6-6.5 km than the M-82. I never checked any stat cards of flight data sheets of both variants - but the M 71 is from the perspective of fighting against them a much bigger threat and besides the I-225 the only RU plane which is able to outclimb and catch my B-18B - even the Yak-9U seems to have a severe powerdrop above 7.5 km, whilst the B-18B flies with infinite WEP above ~ 6 km without overheating.

Even if high alt fights are rather rare - if you try to play BnZ without having the handicap of the lousy high alt performance of the M-82s - try the M-71…

Example with replay:

So whilst flying above the clouds at 6.5 km in order to stay out of this insane cloud madness in some weather conditions, i outrun any M-82 trying to pitch up. This usually ends their life as they can be energy trapped.
But the M-71 is actually able to catch me in my B7A2 at around 7 km. And yes, the roll is good, but it is the same with 190s or Corsairs - you can try to outroll enemies, but you wont get away if the guy behind you drops the throttle or uses his airbrake.

I actually met a M-71 a few days ago flown by a rather good pilot - he could catch up at high alt, realized that he loses any turnfight and went to the deck to drain my energy - successfully.

His only mistake was that he was not able to kill me and went for a rather helpless J-22, without using his superior speed to extend from both of us. The speed and climb advantage would have made him untouchable and he had enough ammo to kill both of us easily. The replay if you want…

Gl and hf!