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The Mil Mi-2 is a small utility helicopter that was designed by the Soviet Union, but produced exclusively by Poland. It was introduced in 1965, and 5,497 were built until production ceased in 1999. The Mi-2 was primarily a utility helicopter, but had a few armed variants, such as the Mi-2US, armed with a 23mm cannon, or the Mi-2URP with a 23mm cannon alongside 4x 9M14M ATGMs.

The Mi-2 has seen service across the world, serving primarily with the Soviet Union and Poland, but also countries like East Germany, Hungary, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and a whole host more, including North Korea.

North Korea’s first helicopters included the Mi-4 (Chinese Z-5 variant) and Mi-8, the latter of which was procured in very limited numbers. In 1976, the DPRK moved to purchase Mi-2s from Poland (in semi knock-down kits). The first Mi-2 arrived in 1977, but final assembly for the majority of them took place from 1980-1984. Around 104 (or possiblty 140) were obtained and constructed. Reportedly, the Mi-2 is known as Hyŏksin-2 (혁신-2) in North Korean service.

The Hyŏksin-2 arrived in North Korea un-armed, as the standard Mi-2 variant. However, while the helicopter is primarily seen in propaganda films as an ambulance or rescue helicopter, North Korea has fitted many with various weapons, converting them to light attack helicopters. On some, they are fitted with 4x 9M14 Malyutka (known in North Korea as the Bulsae-1) ATGMs on rails on either side of the helicopter, 2 on each side. These are MCLOS ATGMs with roughly 400mm penetration.

mi-2 atgm 2

  • Hyŏksin-2 with 9M14 ATGMs

Alternatively, the Hyŏksin-2 is also capable of mounting Polish-built 57mm UB-16 rocket pods. These carry 16 S-5 rockets each, which have an explosive mass of 465g TNTeq and 150mm of HEAT penetration (S-5K variant). These are installed under the pylon, 1 on each side.

  • Hyŏksin-2’s firing rockets during exercises

The Hyŏksin-2 can carry both of these weapons (4x ATGMs and 2x rocket pods) at the same time, as seen in the image below.

In 2016, North Korea reported on a new TV-guided missile in development. It was shown being fired from a Hyŏksin-2, and striking a tank. No further details are known, however. If more emerge, this could be a good weapon option, but it would raise the BR of the helicopter fairly substantially past where it otherwise would go.

TV-guided missile


  • Missile being fired


  • Missile being targeted


  • Missile striking its target

The Hyŏksin-2 is equipped with 2 engines, providing 400hp each, and weighs a maximum of roughly 3.5t. This allows it to reach a top speed of 200km/h, relatively slow compared to other helicopters in game.

The Hyŏksin-2 would be a fun starting helicopter for either a North Korean branch of the Chinese heli tree, or a United Korean helicopter tree. I suggest a BR of around 7.7, as although it is equipped with ATGMs and rockets, the missiles are MCLOS, and the helicopter is quite slow compared to its competition.

Crew: 2
Length: 37ft 5in / 11.4m
Height: 12ft 4in / 3.75m
Empty Weight: 5229lbs / 2.3t
Gross Weight: 7826lbs / 3.5t
Powerplant: 2x PZL GTD-350P, 400hp each (800hp total)
Maximum Speed: 110 knots / 200 km/h
Maximum Rate of Climb: 885 ft / 270m per minute
Service Ceiling: 13,000ft / 4000m

  • 4x 9M14 ATGMs
    • MCLOS
    • 3km launch range
    • 400mm penetration
    • 140m/s
  • 2x 57mm UB-16 rocket pods
    • 16 rockets each
    • 150mm penetration
  • Unknown TV-guided missile



mi-2 rockets 1




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