Hunt class destroyer La Combattante, "First to touch the ground of France"

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Hunt type III class destroyer

La Combattante


About La Combattante and its interest in War Thunder :

In an effort to bring Premium or event ships to the future French tech tree, I would like to highlight another known ship of the FNFL, the Hunt class “La Combattante”, which became famous for several missions before and during Operation Overlord.

History :

La Combattante was a Hunt type III class destroyer originally named HMS Haldon. Built in 1941, it was given to the FNFL as soon as it was out of the Glasgow dockyards in april 1942. After training in Scapa Flow for a while, it made its first sorty in March 1943, as an escort ship. It rescued 70 sailors from a Liberty ship which sank after hitting a mine, then it would later save a couple Australian and US downed pilot. Its first known action happened on May 12th and 13th, 1944, when it intercepted with the British Frigate HMS Rowley E-boats. La Combattante itself opened fire on the S-141 and sank it. One of the sailors of this e-boat who died that night was the unfortunate Klaus Dönitz, the last son of admiral Dönitz, who was exceptionally on board to celebrate his birthday. Struck by a seizure at the beginning of the attack, he drowned after falling from the sinking boat.

Its most important operations occured during and after D-Day, as La Combattante shelled the French coast during Operation Overlord. It shelled the city of Courseulle-sur-Mer, firing over 400 102mm shells. It even beached itself by accident at one point, earning an amused morsed message from HMS Venus saying : “I am happy that a French be the first to touch the ground of France”. A few weeks later, it brought the most important Frenchmen of Free France, including General De Gaulle to French soil, and continued escorting several convoys after that.

La Combattante met an unfortunate end on February 23, 1945, when it hit a mine in the North sea and sank with the loss of 68 sailors. 117 crewmen survived.

Specifications :


Length : 85.3m

Total width : 9.60m

Draught : 3.73m

Standard displacement : 1050T


type : 2 sets Parsons geared steam turbines, 2 Admiralty 3-drum boilers

Max speed : 27 knots


2 x 2 102/45 QF MkXVI canons
5 x 40/39 QF Mk VIII AA canons (4 in 1 turret, 1 alone)
3 x 1 - 20/70 Oerlikon Mk II/IV
1 x 3 - 533mm torpedo tubes
2 x Depth charge ramps (70 depth charges)




Sources :

HMS Haldon, escort destroyer
LA COMBATTANTE escort destroyer (1942)
Le torpilleur La Combattante - Fondation de la France Libre
La Combattante

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Curious to know if La Combattante which should arrive with the next patch will be a simple copy and paste of HMS Calpe (hunt II) while the Hunt III type has 2 additional torpedo tubes

CDK modelling is already known. Its totally new modelling, not a copy paste HMS Calpe

Good news

It is a type III. However, putting it in the tech tree when there’s at least 10 different classes of French destroyers they could have used instead makes no sense IMO.

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especially since we still have a gaping hole in rank 5/6 and they preferred to C&P a Hunt class and put it in rank 1 rather than working and releasing a rank 5/6 battleship for us…


bad news is that it is not even copy&paste. Someone in Gaijin seriously think this is new and genuine ship that French navy needs.

To be frank, when answering specifically a question about the French navy, Smin1080P said that this was a smaller, transition patch so that’s why there’s not much in it for everyone. We may have bigger, more interesting stuff in the work for the French navy for the end of the year patch so let’s wait and see what they’ll actually add this time.

Gaijin has an axe to grind against France (and therefore its navy) so I don’t have too many illusions Smin1080P is just repeating what his superiors tell him. The problem is that it’s often the same people who get the content, which is why there’s no content for the others… And France only has the rest, the rest who aren’t even French and who still have English voices, not French ones for that matter… In short, this is not the place to discuss it. Those who were waiting for “La Combattante” got it, and those who were waiting for a French ship are still waiting.

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La Combattante is a French ship mate… I wouldn’t have made a suggestion for it otherwise. Still, I get what you mean. It’s always the easy fill that’s prioritized over making actual efforts.

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So, the ship is here.

I’m okay with the addition of this even tho it’s copy & paste because early French DDs are just god awful. Though I don’t get why they made it only a rank 1 since it would definitely making the grind much less painful.

As the La Combattante got implemented as part of update 2.31 Kings of Battle,

Moved to Implemented Suggestions. o7