Hungarian MIG-19

Hungary had the MIG-19 in service. So. Why is it not in the Hungarian tree?

(An entire documentation on Hungarian MIG-19’s)



Honestly, he doesn’t need it, there are enough clones in this subwindow, for some reason the developers did not introduce their own planes besides clones, although they have them. Here are a couple of examples:
It’s a Re2000 with a minimum of changes - a different screw, different edits that the intern can handle.

And it can be developed into a second model with a 1080-cil engine and 1000 v/m Gebowers.

And it can be developed into a 2x250kg dive bomb with brakes.

Going further, the Danube plant shipped about 300 Me210, which is actually the most mass-produced aircraft in Hungary. With 40mm bofors missiles+bombs. And where???

Well, there are also some late Gustavs that were also made at the Danube factories and now at least 4-5 unique aircraft, the Hungarians have their own. I don’t want to see clones in this branch, to be honest, a couple of pieces are still tolerable, but not the whole branch


They don’t add sub trees with every single option possible, eventually it would probably be added though.

There is too much c&p in that line already imo, though having some more as GE premiums would be fine especially since the tree lacks them a lot.


I mean… I’m sure they’ll get around to adding it eventually.

Whether filling out the necessary 9.3 gap for Italy/Hungary’s tech tree we will always inevitably get random copy-paste in every other major or mini update.

We now literally have a Chinese P-51C-10 and Swedish Tiger II (P) added for the Battlepass.

Honestly even a squadron vehicle would do fine. Since Italy is missing it already. A Squadron Vehicle MIG-19. I think thats good enough.


Hungary operated it, yes. However they operated the cannonless PM variant that had four K-5 beam-riding missiles and nothing else.
I believe it’s not in the game mostly because of the challenges at balancing it and implementing it into the matchmaker.

bc even with such copy-paste vehicles Gaijin can’t and wont intruduce everything at once.

bc recent event vehicles are easy to balance^^