Hungarian event tanks

Do the developers plan to give any possibility of getting the Hungarian tanks that were given in previous events? They are tanks that cannot be bought in the store, and since they add the Hungarian subbranch it would be interesting to give the possibility of getting them to people who cannot He had the opportunity.


I really hope we can, I want to try the 41M Turan, maybe have a version of it in the tech tree without the cage armor? The Zrinyi I can be added without the rocket launchers, and the Toldi IIA can have the 43M Toldi III as a tech tree equivalent.

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You could perfectly change the name of the premium ones by adding the name of the unit that used it, like the semovente 105/25 leoncello from the Italians, and add the normal models to the tech tree. Or even worse, do mini events to that could be obtained.

That would work too!

I think it will be the best, then everyone would be happy, the players who did not get them could have them in the tech tree and those who did get them would have their exclusive premium version, and if they later want to do events to get them, they should do so.

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Here are images of the Hungarian tanks of the 2nd Motorized Brigade, in case the developers use my idea of renaming the premium Hungarians by adding the brigade number to the name and adding the normal models in the Italian tech tree.

Of the Zrinyi I it would be impossible to put it in any unit since it was a prototype, but they can add the version without rockets for the Italian tech tree without being premium.

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