Hungarian Defence Forces triangle insignia decal

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Hello, I would like to suggest the Hungarian Defence Forces triangle insignia, which can be found on Hungarian Air Force aircraft and Hungarian Army combat vehicles.


Since the introduction of Hungarian ground forces and helicopter sub-tree in the Update “Sons of Atilla”, the only Hungarian identification insignia decals available in-game are the WW2-era Royal Hungarian Army insignia. While those are great for the Turan, Zrinyi and Csaba, it would be anachronistic to use on Cold War and Modern-era Hungarian vehicles.

I suggest that Gaijin should add three variant of the triangle insignia in-game. The first variant are the ones with bigger green color, which can be seen on Hungarian Army tanks and combat vehicles.




The second variant has smaller green color, can be seen in Hungarian Air Force aircraft before 1941 and after 1991, and in some Hungarian Army combat vehicles.




The third is the low-vis variant, used on Grippen and Mi-24.



If there’s any suggestion to this, feel free to tell me. Thank you!

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331 Hungarian Air Force Mil mi-24P Photo by Márk Ásin | ID 994877 |


Why isn’t this in the game? Really strange that it didn’t come along with the Hungarian ground forces. +1


I would also like to see HPA star.



Blows my mind how this isn’t in game already, with there literally being a Hungarian sub tree!


Thank you for putting this together. I have been waiting for years for these decals to be implemented, I hope this might get the ball rolling! It doesn’t make sense to not have them in game.

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Right now I was trying to customise my BTR-80A with this symbol and I find out with great surprise that it is missing.

This makes no sense, with the introduction of the Hungarian tree this should obviously be added.


1920px-Roundel_of_Hungary_(1938-1942).svg.png (1920×1029) (

Magyar Légierő – Wikipédia (


Sience the last update, it is not possible to use the hungarian insignia on american, french, english, israeli, russian etc. tanks or planes, they are locked and the perviously used ones have also removed from the vehicles. At the same time , the coat of arms of other eastern european nations can used on the same vehicles without any problems. And the otherhand there is a new hungarian air techtree, but there is no new hungarian insignia. Hungarian Air Force - Wikipedia

I’m honestly surprised that Alpha Strike did not came with those insignias (+ of Socialist/Warsaw Pact Hungaria star)

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Yes, I guess the Hungarian insignia was locked only to German & Italian vehicles due to the release of Hungarian Air sub-tree. The same thing happened to the Finnish roundel, which now is locked to Sweden only.

Good news guys, the Hungarian triangle insignia, the low-vis variant, and the Hungarian People’s Army star insignia was added recently (idk why it’s not added right at the update). The insignias could only be applied in German and Italian vehicles, and you could only grind them with aircraft.


Unfortunately, they didn’t implement this interwar variant (yet) at the moment. I may make the suggestion for it if someone hasn’t made it yet.

I can only apply it to German and Italian vehicles? Man, whatever. I give up on ever having something I want being implemented.

Is there any news that we can apply to other nations veichles, like for the russians? Hungary was memeber of the Warsaw-pact, and used plenty of russian veichles like T34, T55/54, T72, BTR, etc.

Unfortunately it’s still the same, and imo it’s unlikely that Gaijin would ever changed it if there’s no huge uproar within the community. The Finnish roundel is also given the same treatment, it’s only usable in Swedish vehicles. Ironically the Communist-era red star insignia is also only usable with German and Italian vehicles.
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We might be able to make something work. I have tried twice to create a suggestion on unlocking the roundels for all nations again. But both didn’t make it through moderation. If we can create a general post about all roundels being unlocked for all nations atleast for Arcade Battles and Realistic Battles. I know they can be abused in Simulator Battles. I didn’t find any posts made earlier about this, so I don’t quite understand why they weren’t allowed. Maybe you can make a post and see if it gets through. I’ll be sure to support it and get some more attention to it through the BeNeLux community.

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