Hull Armor of the M1 Abrams

You stated there were TWO versions of HC in which one didn’t have DU.

You were correct- there were only two versions of HC- you were wrong in your statement regarding one version didn’t have DU. They both do. So your agreement is confusing.

Is @SXTREME stating neither model has DU?

No, I stated there were two armor types. I didn’t talk about the tank itself.

You clearly stated M1A1 HC has two armor packages.

Maybe you would be closer to being correct if you stated the HC had three armor packages, two DU and one export.

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crazy how you’re always right on every topic and never misspeak


Check my responses above

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He’s confident in his counter arguments

Dope but the real question is will gaijin accept the source?

Nope, that’s a hard no.

VINDICATION!!! I’ve been looking for the navy licenses to cross reference against the amended Army licenses and (sort of) here they are!

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They have the exact same protection values.

mig 19, mig 21, mig 15? are those not soviet aircraft?

1- Off topic.
2- Is your point to list balanced aircraft?

I see CrowShow blocked AUS, Specialist, and I for posting correct information; not part of a squadron… maybe they do have an anti-America bias that gets them banned from squadrons?

Jesus what are you on about


I revised my initial statement regarding DU not being in export versions of the Abrams. The only way to know for sure - would be to check the AIM- as public and government sources deny the possibility.

The Abrams classified DU armor configuration is top secret, so the possibility of that getting into the wrong hands is a big concern for the USA. But With that being said though, it’s very possible that if it was a deal breaker for a trust worthy & reliable customer not to include DU? They could potentially just tell the public whatever they wanted.

every copy of war thunder is personalized

Agreed. It’s my understanding they had the HC version which was the first to use DU and the Aim which was an up-armored version without DU for export. How about Gaijin just give USA Leopards or BVM (since I’m sure the gov has procured them for testing). That way we can have a fair playing field.

M1A2 SEP is fine when it comes to being matched against the T-80BVM.

The Strv 122 and Leopard 2A7V are a step above the T-80BVM and M1A2 SEP though, and for that a M1A2 SEP v3 with M829A3 could be just fine.

Of course, that’s still not going to have spall liners as far as I’m aware, but for this model we can be certain that the frontal protection was increased and the reload rate buff to 5s is decent compensation for said lack of spall liners.

The SEP v3 in circa ≈2020 with the low profile CROWS also doesn’t have the useless add-ons sticking out that the M1A2 SEP v2 has.

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didnt someone submit a freedom of information request about the DU being in the front of the hull as well? what ever happened to that? i cant find the thread


Sepv3 also gets APS as does sepv2 which should have been added.

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