Hull Armor of the M1 Abrams

Here are the 1999 and the 2006 licenses showing the removalof the 5 hull limit.
Amendment Aug 2006
Amendment No. 06 Sep 1999

And here is the part of the 2001 document talking about testing the new turret and hull armor.


True, i used specifically KM2 version of kevlar that is the military grade one for the calculations.

Thanks for the source :)
the numbers just doesn’t make sense to me x)
but they probably know more than me on the subject.

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I see that, but can you direct me to where it states specifically that DU hull armor was added for the SEP V2.

I do not see it. All I see is the indicator that the hull has been reworked by adding a new turret assembly and complete refitting of the entire vehicle. It does not mention DU additions.

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I’m not a genius when it comes to math, but I can comfortably say that Spall Liners between two armor plates does not make sense based on logic. If the Kevlar is not in the plate, it should be seen when looking inside Abrams series tanks, but it is not visible indicating that it does not exist.

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All of these documents predate SEP v2. And being that over 75% of the U.S inventory is still V2 do not expect to see any documents released untill 2029 when the V3 fielding is set to be finished.

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Okay, but where does it talk about the DU.

People are not arguing between two armor plates, they are arguing between last armor plate and an inner thinner metal plate that isn’t armor but is instead a bendable metall and bends away instead of making more metal fragments (brittle vs pliable metals).


I’ve seen many claims about Kevlar between the armor plates.

And if there is another plate behind the one intended to stop fragmentation, it wouldn’t make much sense, no?

Think about it. If there’s a plate behind your spall plate, it will just cause more spalling.

i just said that though.

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Perhaps I’m not understanding something. I’m pretty tired.


If the blue plate is intended to stop spalling inside the tank, shouldn’t more spall be created after when it punches into the metal turret?


Or at least that looks like Metal to me.


does it specify where the depleted uranium is? I know certain models have it in the turret but lack it in the hull.

It listed hull and turret armor testing. Gaijin already said that the document stated there were 5 tanks with hull armor. You had acknowledged that already.

I’m totally fine with an extra vehicle being added which includes such test DU plates, but if it wasn’t in the production models, I think it should remain off of the current SEP in game. Besides, a DU SEP without all that ERA to weigh you down while being an extra 11.7 would be nice, no?

but think of it acting like this:


bending outwards like a blooming flower instead of shattering.

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I’m not sure that’s a spall liner, but I do know this exists in the Abrams. I’m not really sure how it works though.

All tanks produced after 2006 had DU hulls. The Sep v2 standard the armor set while the Sep V1 was full of prototypes.

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Do you have documentation to prove this? If it’s in the previous document, has it been shared with Gaijin?

Gaijin is currently no longer interested in entertaining the topic.

As can be seen here.

They refer to your source as third party, which I suppose makes sense under their current situation.

I’d suggest just asking for the prototypes rather than dealing with the headache tbh.