Hughes AIM-95 Agile - Off boresight before it was cool

technically it could be mounted on the F-4J since it was tested on the model, that was, however, before their HMCS was applied as a modification ( I could be wrong, someone correct me if i am).
That’d make it pretty strong-ish and could bring it to relevance as a semi-upgrade over the F-4S actually))

I think the top f-4 and the f-14 should get it to bring them up to speed but if not then the f-16 (apparently tested) could get it as a counter to the migs r-73


I suppose we could get that one F-14A that carried 120s as an event vehicle and give it Agiles too

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At minimum, the F-14 and F-15 used VTAS during the testing for these missiles. I believe the A-7 did as well, but i can’t remember where ive seen it

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Yup, both of those tested with VTAS during AIMVAL, the same event that the Agile was tested at.

I can’t find anything about the A-7, though, other than that the theoretical A-7F Corsair III would’ve used it.

Then its settled.
Gaijin gib!!!

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One of the HMS’s mentioned in the F-16 HMS study document references that one of them is certified on the A-7E, which obviously also took part in AIMVAL.

Also considering how much of the F-16C/D Electronics the A-7D & -K ended up late in ANG service with, it wouldn’t have been that hard to do something similar for them.