Hughes AIM-95 Agile - Off boresight before it was cool

No, thrust figures and burn time are given for the same parameters as the total impulse.

You’re not accounting for the time it takes from burn start to ramp up to peak thrust and then ramp down to the sustainer phase / burn out. The booster burns the sustainer propellant at the same time as it is burning as well, which is why it appears the booster / sustainer propellant weights are switched around if you read the datamine a little too closely.

For other missiles, Gaijin instead reduced the burn time. For example, the R-24R with a total burn time of approximately 5s only has a 3s boost phase in-game. The thrust and drag are then modified to better meet the launch envelope and time to target data. Obviously this isn’t 100% perfect, but it is really close.

I see, thank you for clarifying.
Guess we’re back to square one then, bummer.

Is it less flare resistant than AIM-9L?

We do not know yet.

One source mentioned the seeker was “more sensitive” than the 9L’s, which allowed for notably increased locking ranges (no specifics)

There were more than one seeker developed, we will need to wait and see what types and how they differ.

If it has lower flare resistance than AIM-9L then I think they can add this missile right now.

It could also be due to the fact that it doesnt need as much weight for batteries and is running a smaller warhead as well. I think you might be right about it being a little much, but if we consider the missile to be optimized for shortish ranges where the motor burns for the most or entire duration of the guidance, instead of something like <50% of the flight, battery weight could be drastically reduced, and batteries arent light. Cut the 39kg warhead from the 7F down to something like an 11kg warhead like a 9L, you could probs save a solid bit of weight and space. I think 100kg is a bit much tho.

“More sensitive” doesnt necessarily equate to “less flare resistant” in this case seeing as its speaking about lock range, presumably of aircrafts.

Theres also the fact that the 9L, by gqijins own admission last I checked, is substantially LESS flare resistant than it should be.

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Yeah, batteries are almost irrelevant because the missile can only track as long as the motor is burning. Beyond that it has no control authority, so at 15 seconds, that’s dramatically less than any SARH battery bank

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So this says it has a more sensitive seeker than the AIM-9L (less resistant to flares), but also better capability against countermeasures?

Wouldn’t this mean it is at least as good as the AIM-9Ls seeker, or better, against flares? Also of note that AIM-9L is massively underperforming against flares, it should behave like the R-73 does currently - cut afterburner and then flare

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Something like that. This missile was in development along side the AIM-9L, so it’s reasonable to assume a similarly advanced seeker head. Unfortunately, no specifics are currently available as to what specific seeker is used.

Oooh, thank you for reposting this, I have not been active in a while.

Additionally, a massive thank-you to user @tripod2008 for their discovery of solid figures for the launch limit on the gimbal.

I am very happy that so many of you are still interested in this topic and that many more sources continue to be found.

Thank you @MiG_23M for your continued presence. It would seem that a total thrust of 30k lbs over the duration of at least 14 or greater seconds would be the most logical, with the added caveat of booster/sustainer staging being absent and instead simply one long burn.


Oh, nevermind. Now I’m confused again.

That’s weird, I don’t think the impulse metric adds up.

That booster alone should have an impulse of about 25,000lbf, and the sustainer another ~11,500lbf.

So more like 36-37,000 lbf total impulse based off the boost/sustain thrusts and times

Wouldn’t mind seeing Agile on a F-8 or F-4 tbh, looks like it would be quite fun to have.

It doesn’t reach peak thrust immediately after burn starts, taking thrust x burn time will be inaccurate.

Ah, I assumed they took the average thrust over time since they didn’t specify peak anywhere

It could be average, or peak. Either way not accurate to take that number x burn time and plus them together for booster and sustainer…

I think an event F-8 with AIM-95s would be a really fun/unique vehicle