Huge lagspikes when around tree's

Im having a problem with lag if my vehicle is close to a area with many tree’s in one area. The lag only starts if Im close to the tree’s and stops as soon as I have left the area with the tree’s.
It makes the game unplayable in areas such as the forrest part in poland map etc

The problem does not show up if there’s just a few tree’s

My specs are i7 8700k, RTX 2080 Ti, 32 GB ram

Anyone have any solutions?

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I’d try looking down to see if that cures it when you are among the trees.

I also seen people talking of changing DLSS settings somewhere and ending up with some luck, or something.

It works to a small degree. The picture is almost frozen - less than 1 fps. The weird thing is that the game says it’s still running 160+ fps

It didn’t make any difference looking down?

And the 160+ FPS is registering all the time?

(Verify files with the game closed if you haven’t already)

(Update) I’ve reinstalled windows and war thunder. It now appears to work fine