Hud changed after update. Can't get it back

My hud used to be in the top left corner. But for some reason it has now changed to the img. I’ve tried changing resolution. Hud size etc but can’t seam to figure out how to get it top left again.
Could anyone help me?

Its part of the HMD on that particular heli

But it’s on every chopper. So it can’t be that. And this is from a clip I saw.

If I recall there is a setting I think might be called something like safe zone or something like that which the higher you set it the closer the UI moves to the centre of the screen

Can’t find anything :/

now im home ive checked., the setting is in options, battle interface, safe area in hud. should be 100%.

not sure its your problem though.

Yea it’s set to 100% already :/