HSTV-L: HE-VT, Fixed XM885, and IRT

another cap as always alvis, i’ve tried the 2S38 and i kill every moving thing.

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Then you come across very unaware enemies.
Cause I can tell you out of the auto-lights I died to, only HSTVL and Begleit do it consistently enough for me not to note when it happens.
2S38 happened less than 5 times, all times were when I was over-run due to my own over-extending.
Strf 9040C was less than 5 times as well likely for similar reasons.

And I never see VCC-80/60s cause no one plays Italy despite 9.3 Italy being one of the strongest tech trees in the game.

Personally i do agree with you that the HSTV-L may not be optimal against Leopards, however that doesn’t make it bad at top tier as a whole.
If you’re facing German MBTs you may not want to pick it, because you simply use too much ammo for getting a single kill whereas for something like a T-80BVM 2-3 shoots are usually enough. Depending on the vehicle that number may vary, but except for the Leopards, that number is reasonable.

How do u expect players to not take the HSTV-L when mostly they face Germany and Sweden at the same team 90% of the time, its bad at top tier, 11.3 isn’t a place for a light tank such as the HSTV-L, why it gets only APFDS while other light tanks can use missiles, HEAT to counter multiple kind of targets.


The fact that you got 5 frags in that match means that you only got a total of 12 in the other 10 matches you’ve played, which tells me a lot.

Alvis, play at least 50~ in the HSTV-L before comparing it with your 2S38.

CalvinAz made a great thread on HSTVL’s ammo performance.


Thank you for putting this here. He much better explains it than I cwn

Over the last week I’ve been researching RDF/LT family to make a suggestion and inevitably had to research XM274, compounded with my curiosity I wanted to see if there is any substantial sources/evidence to warrant XM885 correction.

Given that so many before (Spookston and others) have attempted to have XM885 buffed. I’m willing to wager that all known sources that can be found are in Gaijin’s possession. At the end of the day, round performance and reload are a balancing factor for Gaijin so it doesn’t really matter.

But my conclusion on XM885: There is a discrepancy between the sources of XM885’s Length that can’t be proven with the current information thats publicly available.

I know reload is a balancing factor, but as far as ammunition goes my impression was that they strive for it to be as accurate as possible (albeit within the limitations of their ballistics calculator)

Instead, they restrict/grant access to shell types depending on the vehicle’s BR and performance.

This makes the XM885 (and why it hasn’t been modeled correctly yet) something of an anomaly

Im sure they do try to make ammo dimension as accurate as possible but as you said XM885 is definitely an anomaly.

I should mention, I don’t know XM885 current dimensions in game, but from my finding XM885 should at least be around ~380mm rod length. Documents state that XM885 are at 132x483mm so it could be upwards of 430-450mm rod length but sources are iffy on this.

Edit: 26x270mm XM885 In-game

That matches up pretty well with @CalvinAz’s pixel measuring. It’s a shame they don’t accept that method though

Shame indeed. The measurements I got make sense, whereas if you try using the 483mm length they are completely off.

Besides any measurements, this photo exists so…

Uses 35mm as base measurement.

132x420mm makes much more sense with the first photo.

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26x270mm In-game Dimensions

19x380mm Estimated Dimensions
Lowest Velocity

19x380mm Estimated Dimensions
Highest Velocity


KDR comparisons with like-vehicles is how you determine quickly how good a vehicle is.

This is… arguable, to be honest.

Mainly because playerbase differences between nations do exist, and minor nations tend to have better players then major ones, so you can get some pretty bad inaccuracies.

All of what you said is irrelevant, cause the player doesn’t change.
And the ratio you get from all the vehicles KDRs combined is universal and can be compared to other players’ ratios.

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The “lowest velocity” is completely fake in-game, the real XM885 had AT LEAST 1615 m/s velocity, more likely it was around 1650 m/s, which means your last calulcation basically fits the bill as the XM885 was stated to have around the same penetration and spalling capabilities as 105 mm M774, maybe slightly less.

Which is odd on Gaijins part because of how easily findable the velocity is and how easy it is to implement that into their calculators in game.

Late reply, what Gaijin currently has modelled isn’t of course actually XM885 or was even meant to be i.e. the actual round we have in game was the first round the HSTVL had, that is where they got the velocity from, why the current round only has a length of 270mm and this is why it isn’t a DU penetrator.

The current round is XM885 otherwise known as Delta 3. The shell is modeled improperly, as the length and shell velocity is incorrect.

Italy has a high winrate and KDR, yet they have terrible tanks. Just because a tank is preferred by more skilled players doesn’t mean it should be nerfed artificially.