HSTV-L gun depression

Isnt HSTV-L supposed to have -17° and -30° gun depression in the front and to the sides respectively? I have played almost 100 games in it and i always felt that i cant aim as low as i thought i can, so i desided to check.

Here i only see 17° to the side.

Stryker has the same issue, both are limited to their worst-case gun depression no matter where the gun position actually is.

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You are correct, and it has been bug reported 3 YEARS ago, and the answered they frontal derpession CAN’T be 17° because reasons (the reasons are they shitty modeling of the vehicle)

+45°/-17° front, +45°/-6° rear, +45°/-30° are the official numbers for the HSTV-L

I would love to properly see this implemented.