HSTV-L Battle Rating

That would be very cool if they added the other variations into the grindable tech tree but they still should give the HSTVL its proper munitions. One thing just about everyone neglected to state was the difference between armor and pen ratios between HSTVL against T-80BVM and 2S38 against 2A4 and first few abrams. 2S38 is ridiculously powerful against Abrams due to the abrams incredible ability to have a massive horizontal drive and large breach.

All in all the HSTVL can’t really go down because it has a pretty high survivability compared to other light tanks meanwhile the 2S38 can’t go up because it’s just massive compared to light tanks and would get stomped all the time. The only thing that can help at all is if the HSTVL gets its munitions corrected.

The M1A1 is not 10.7 material. It is way better than the base M1 and should stay at 11.0.


Isn’t the M1A1 the same thing as the M1A1 HC other than the IRCCM?

Mostly I think the HC has enhanced armour on the turret cheeks.

oh, cool. didn’t know that

Not at all, M1A1 base is equal to IMP1 but with 120mm. But for Gaijin reasons even using the SAME turret, M1A1 has weaker armor than IP… on the other side, M1A1HC has the same armor as M1A2 Base, without M829A2 but with IRCM(actually useless)

repeat after me, all American tanks are made of paper in all BR. , if you play on 6.0 you will not penetrate any tank, as they all have greater armor and greater firepower and the maps are funneled so that you can encounter a panther head-on or an is-2, if you play on 7.0 as well , if you play in 10.0 you will find the t-72 and 80 to kill you with just 1 shot while you hit them with 3, killing the commander and the guys still say it’s a lack of skill, I think “one of the nations” The one that requires the most skill and strategy is the USA, as they are paper tanks according to gaijim, I have played with the USSR, Germany and Israel, and what it seems is that the only thing that is good in the USA are the CAS, which are being nerfed for new teen players


I think the nation that requires the most skill is the USA


Whenever playing with USA at higher levels, instead of doing like the enemies and aiming at any point on our tank to blow us up, we need to aim at the tracks, at the barrel, USA tanks were designed for flanking and long distances, which is not an option. in warthunder

Why are you talking to yourself?

I think the nation that requires the most skill is the USA

You require perspective.


I’m not going to completely downplay you

i will agree that USA does require more skill than others, but they dont require the most, theyre more of a “jack of all trades, master of none” but they are considerably harder than that of say, Germany & USSR (being able to rely on their armour and weapons)

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False. Early Sherman’s, Jumbos, and the 6.7/7.0 lineup are all very well armoured for their BR.

That is a skill issue, T-72s are easy to kill, even with M735. If you can’t kill one in under 3 shots, you need to learn to play.

Nope. USA is a jack of all trades, master of none nation. They don’t require as much skill to use effectively as French tanks, or many Swedish tanks.

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Well actually… Jumbo against 7.0 its only a joke… Ferdnand, Jagdtiger, King Tiger… all can pen you in one shot meanwhile you need to do something like barrel, flank, or in the last, APCR against Tiger II H…
T-72B its already hard to kill with M735 but the point here… they only need to aim on you and shoot… you?! need to find the spots(Lower plate, driver port, breech) and hope the RNJisus(powered by gaijonks) will not make your shell fly under the barrel, killing the drive, passing direct withou any fragments on the turret crew and autoloader and finishing by hit the transmission HAHA this happen a lot, or in the side, tooking the fuel tank, passing direct on the crew and ammo and hiting something else

Ah yes. the very thing that makes certain abrams useless. No armor. Interesting that Gaijin doesn’t fix it

But even in real life the abrams has been shown to have armor against a lot of things

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uhhhh jumbos got nerfed in br. The long jumbo fights tiger lls and the short barreled jumbo fights panthers and tigers. Anyone that can’t kill a short barreled jumbo is the one lacking skill. I ground out the tigers just to see if the jumbo was as tough as people claimed…it’s significantly easier to kill a jumbo with a tiger than a tiger with a short barreled jumbo

Your right about french takes being harder to play but only at certain BRs. As to swedes…I have come to the conclusion that I lack the skill set required to drive those vehicles

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The 75mm jumbo is overtired, and it should be 5.3. However it is still incredibly well armoured.

The 76mm is fine at 6.3, but it could go to 6.0. Either way, it is an incredibly good tank. The key is to play it like a medium tank, instead of a heavy tank.


The problem with playing it at all is that it is slower than most mediums and it lacks the armor to stop a tiger ll or a IS-2. Even panthers can go through its UFP at the right angles. All of that and it also has a pretty lame shell for a 6.3 tank. And if you have to play it like a medium it should be marked as a medium. At the BR it is currently at it is definitely not a heavy

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So should the HSTVL get a better round or no?

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hahahaha that was funny