HSTV-L, 2S38, Otomatic technically buffed

This change affects every tank’s leathality in a positive way; however, the HSTV-L, 2S38, and Otomatic may have been affected moreso.
The HSTV-L’s spalling and damage to crew is still as abysmal as before, but now it can, more or less, reliably 1-shot ammo racks and fuel tanks (especially against russian / chinese MBTs). This change, however, still doesn’t aid nearly as much against NATO MBTs.
Overall, I think the HSTV-L is better suited at 11.3 than before, although it may still be reasonable to put it at 11.0.

I see every thing of these except 2S38 dropping down and I might return to the game now that playing solid shot/APDSFS to hit and black out entiriety of Tiger 2’s/STRV-122 turret ammo rack without setting either off might not be a thing anymore.