How well would a 10 v 15 team of historically accurate Cold war Sweden vs USSR. Who would win?


Swedish home turf, Russian beach landing successful. Swedish forces have dug in

A Squad of Pbv 302s with BILLs are tasked with taking out as many troop carriers as possible, retreating through rivers thanks to their amphibious capabilities. Their job is to Strike and fall back Repeat.

Strv 104 to serve as a last line of defence. Strv 103s have created dug-in positions in the ridges and planned routes with spots to strike. Then repeat all the way back to the Strv 104. if it comes to it they will join the Strv 104, in fending off the Russian task force

Two SK-60s are part of the Anti-helicopter task force. Their job is to prevent any Troop carrying helicopters from getting past and behind the defensive line, they are armed with dumb fire rockets, and 30mm Akan pods.

AJS-37 and JA-37 are ready to scramble from any of the numerous Small highways and roads in the Swedish countryside’s. To prevent or at least delay a possible airstrike or attack.

(2)Strv 103Cs, Strv 104, (3)Pbv 302s, (2)SK-60, AJS-37, JA-37.


(4)T-72A, (6)Btr-80A, (2)Mig-27, (1)MI-24P, (3)MI-8

I’m no expert so, what happens here? What steps will the soviet have taken,

Remember they have only broken through on a small strip of Strategic beach. And cant move around since the Swedish coastal batteries are littered everywhere waiting to rain hell on anything coming near their turf.

Two of your ships lay destroyed in the shallow archipelago, managing to knock out some coastal batteries to make way for the Surviving Landing crafts. So simply put, it will have to do. You have air support that is currently fighting Swedish pilots overhead, but they will be finished once you reach what you were scared of the most, Sweden’s guerrilla warfare, Every man, woman and child drilled for war, and the one rule that rings out over Sweden. All Information to surrender is false, Offer constant resistance. Do not let our Sweden fall into enemy hands, no matter what. Every man is out there in the Forrest waiting to strike at your most weakest points.

(Note that i will not include soldiers ofc. Anyway have fun guys)


Thats really hard to say because you do not account for infantry in any way whatsoever.

Nor do i see any dedicated anti air assets nor logistics.

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Finland sends a BT-42 to assist and singlehandedly takes out the entire russian armed forces.



Idk, but I will say this would be extremely fun
Historical simulator battles would be awesome!

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Thats the point of this XD, its to showcase how a event like this would look

This is how swedish armoured brigades worked during 1970-1990

Yes, I’d love historical battles.
I’d have them be based on the Pages of History (already does the work of finding historical matchups, and would make the event more significant) and balanced using the spawn costs of the vehicles, so unlike previous historical events there’s not a strong side that dominates or has a long queue because balance is done just by different team sizes.

Let anyone use a T-72, Tiger II, whatever the really strong historical vehicle was, but have them work for it to afford the spawn cost.

Basically this

Right now you could do this in a custom battle, but

  • There’s no rewards
  • There’s no way to enforce spawns
  • You’d need enough friends who you can tell the rules and are willing to follow the rules
    In this case, you’d need to find 25 people who can be online at the same time, want to play this battle, and who you are effectively able to communicate with
  • It’s difficult to make the rules work for multiple spawns, locking players into a single vehicle

Just not very effective or accessible

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Id rather have this kind of thing when they eventually rework WW mode

Yes, oh that would be a blast

This is war thunder, so view it as that. A progressive game in Sim battles

It’s funny though, the BT-42 in anime almost doesn’t move the turret and most of the time uses the speed to engage targets.

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Yep, it is!

Yea, people just say, if you want this play custom battles. But i still want to earn SL and Rp so no i dont think i will.

Well then winner would be side that did better recon and had better coordination.

I hosted a custom scenario in wargame red dragon i dubbed “Second winter war” simulating russian invasion into Finland in 1985 under guise of fictional Vostok 85 excersise.

Fin team started in pre-prepared positions on “their side of border” and had 15 minutes to prepare a defensive strategy, soviet team had 15 minutes to come up with attacking strategy.

Armies were premade as close to IRL counterparts as i could find. Each player commanded one brigade size army and consisted of:

Soviet side
Motostrelki brigade with limited armor and heavy artillery support, some AA assets
Tank brigade with limited infantry and light artillery support, some AA assets
VDV brigade with BMDs, ASU-85s and wing of Mi24s and Mi8s
“Air command” commanding fixed wing of Mig-29s, 27s and Su-24s and 27s and heavy AA units

Fin side:
Moto rifles brigade bolstered with marine company, some light artillery and AA assets
Mechanized infantry brigade with limited tank support and some artillery and AA assets
Border guard with light infantry, jeeps, recoiless rifles, MANPADs and transport helis
“Air command” with J-35s and Mig-21s and heavy AA

Despite the initial onslaught, despite the soviet air supperiority, the game ended up with Fins grinding out the soviets, mostly due to mix of strategy, defending infantry in forests and cities ambushing soviets left and right and doing much more superior recon work.

I imagine similiar scenario in warthunder would follow the same logic.