How to use the MiG-29's radar more efficiently?

I haven’t touched the MiG-29 (9.13) since last year when it was newly added to the game, now that I’m trying to get back into it I’m having difficulty with how clunky the radar feels, such as not getting locks that would be easier to get with more rudimentary Sapfir radars from the MiG-21 or 23, not even being able to lock anything in the first place (as in when I hit my key to lock a target/ACM nothing happens?), and not really knowing when or how to use the other modes (HDN, TWS, or even the other mode where the radar follows HMD) aside from the basic PD search. If anyone has pointers that would be appreciated

Thats interesting, I unlocked a while ago, almost have it maxed out and I can say the radar on Mig-23 MLD/MF was more pleasant to play with. I prefer the Mig-29’s much more due to the HMD.

I dont bother as much with TWS and I play mostly with the HMD. makes life a lot easier and I prefer the R27-ER’s a lot more than the T variant.

Hope all that helps.

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