How to use the Leclerc

Not exactly a new player, but I have been returning to the game recently and finally started grinding the Leclercs. I am currently going to unlock the Azur.

My problem is that I’ve been having a very poor experience with them. My armor seems only composed of my breech and my crew. On the offense, my gun isn’t bad but it feels like I am barely doing any damage after penetration (perhaps I am not aiming at the right weak spot?).

Overall I’ve had a very frustrating experience. If any of you has any tips for me to improve my Leclerc gameplay, I am all hears.

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I’d recommend playing the Leclercs a little bit more carefully. Sadly, the Leclercs are not in a great state right now. They are pretty rough. I’d recommend playing as more of a support tank and less as a frontline one.


The Leclercs are among the worst top tier MBTs at the moment. The armor is paper-thin, the firepower is below average and the mobility is only slightly above average.

I guess the best advice is to move on and change nation. France top tier ground has been pathetic for the longest time and it certainly won’t change anytime soon.

Otherwise, I believe you should simply avoid being seen, since anytime someone sneezes anywhere near you it means you’re dead.
Use cover extensively and don’t ever attack an enemy that knows where you are, otherwise you’re sure to die immediately.

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I’d recommend to not play Leclerc if you still want to keep some sanity and enjoy the game.
Go for either Leo2A7, T90M or Sweden Leos and avoid at all cost playing USA top tier.

The sad truth is you can’t enjoy playing every nation equally at the top tier in WT nowadays. Leclerc is nothing special, powercreep and completely and voluntarily forgot by the devs.

Leclerc is fucked.

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Thanks everyone for the advice.
I unlocked the last Leclerc and the last Mirage so I will move to another tech tree. I think I will go with the Swedish for now!

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