How to use T32 against MAUS and IS4/T10A? even IS3 and object 268?

I have no idea why T32 is worth 7.3, when I need to deal with these heavy armor monsters, 90mm gun is really painful.

you dont, like all u.s tanks, everything is overtiered. It used to be a 6.7 tank they just kept uptiering it for no reason.

Honestly, you should try to avoid them frontally if possible even with APCR you can pen in some areas but the 90mm reload is at least ~15 seconds long with an expert crew. But if you do this you are pretty much going to have to beat a whack-a-mole race to whoever can disable the gun, kill the gunner, tracks etc… God help you if there are other enemy lights, MBTs and IFVs nearby around the corner.
Compared to the other super heavies, the T32 isn’t all that well-protected except for the mantlet/turret area. However, it has decent mobility and a powerful T41 APHEBC shell which should OHK if you flank these tanks properly and also know where to aim for weakspots.

Consult AverageWehraboo_, his KDR on these things is crazy, maybe he can help you unlock its full potential bro

For the Maus, use APCR against the turret face or APHE against the side armor.

For the Soviet tanks, shoot the flat armor on the lower hull between the tracks.

Everyone knows how to shot these weak spots, but the question is if the enemy gives you this chance