How to use spotify with in-game radio function

title says it all. how do i force the game to recognize spotify as a radio station so i can play my own customized playlists?

Unfortunately, directly using Spotify with most in-game radio functions isn’t possible. These radios usually have predefined stations or rely on local music files. However, there are a few workarounds depending on the game and platform:


1. Background Music:

  • Most games allow running multiple programs simultaneously. Open Spotify in the background and play your desired music while enjoying the game.
  • Consider using headphones to avoid conflicting audio from the game and Spotify.

2. External Tools (PC Only):

  • Virtual Audio Cable: This software creates a virtual audio device that routes Spotify audio to another program. You can then configure the game to use this virtual device as its audio input, essentially replacing the in-game radio with Spotify. However, setting it up can be technical and requires some configuration.
  • Voicemeeter Banana: This advanced audio mixer allows complex routing and manipulation. You can configure it to mix Spotify audio with the game’s sound and route it to your desired output. Again, this requires technical knowledge and may be overwhelming for beginners.

3. Game-Specific Mods (Limited Availability):

  • Some games have mods that allow replacing in-game radio stations with custom music. If your game has an active modding community, search for such mods online. Keep in mind that using mods can sometimes violate game terms of service and might not be officially supported.

Important Notes:

  • These workarounds are not foolproof and might not be compatible with all games or platforms.
  • Some methods require technical knowledge and can be challenging to set up.
  • Always check the game’s terms of service before using any mods or external tools that might affect its functionality.

Ultimately, directly integrating Spotify with most in-game radio functions isn’t currently possible. While workarounds exist, they come with limitations and require extra effort. Hopefully, future game development might explore deeper integration with streaming services like Spotify for a more personalized audio experience.

how do you do the virtual audio cable one i downloaded it on my computer and ive used this program before when i was using it to play music through my mic on another game but i tired using the input for war thunder on the virtual audio cable but it is not working