How to use AGM SACLOS

So I have been test driving the Swedish HKP3C. When I press activate the thing with the f key, the only thing that happens is a red box appears. When I press space once, the missile doesn’t fire. When I repeatedly press it, some missiles fire. When I use the keybinds to move the missiles, they don’t work. How do I use these SACLOS missiles. Also, the WASD keys move the helicopter even though they don’t move planes when using MCLOS missiles. Please help.

For me it works when I use WASD while holding left ALT

My alt key shows the cursor so this doesn’t work.

The missiles are also spinning when I fire them. I really would like to know if there is a fix for the issues that I mentioned but I don’t play helis anyways.

When you activate the the sight stabilization, there should be a big red square. Your agms need to be pointed inside of that box to fire. You can move the box with the the same key as before.

As for missile controls, all helis use mouse control. Just aim your cross hair over your target.

Define spinning. Are they just spinning or doing barrel rolls? Most missiles spin in flight so that is expected. With the new missile flight models, they will usually dip or do a little barrel roll at the start but will be fine after.