How to unpack the game?

Out of curiosity and for certain reasons, I would like to know how to unpack this games, I try WT-tools,but there were some issues problem.
So can someone tell me the correct way to unpack?

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Did you have any success? I can’t get it to work either

Nope, I don’t know what caused this right now,and no one told me what this was about either。But I guess this version of this wt-tool may be too old ,Because it was released several years ago))))))))))))))This forum is really difficult to use for someone whose native language is not English)));D

yeahhh it’s annoying. the weird thing is that other ppl are still using this software to unpack the game. Datamining it and publishing the content online as you can see here: GitHub - gszabi99/War-Thunder-Datamine: Frequently updated War Thunder Datamine repository

Now I also get unpacking data from GitHub, but I still want to disassemble the game myself,and wt-tool still doesn’t work。When I open the file with “vromfs_unpacker”, a command window will appear for about 1 second,then nothing happened and unpacking failed)))))))It’s really confusing。

yeah i have the exact same issue. i hope i’ll find a fix for it soon. it’s really annoying

Oh,l get it,I know what the problem is now. Because we are using an expired WT-TOOL. In 2020, the packaging format of the game changed, and the old version of wt-tool has become invalid. I have now obtained the new version of WT-TOOL.

yeah i figured it out too, needed to use the unpacker NG and not unpacker. it’s pretty badly explained in the tutorial and all. but managed it afterall