How to play the Milan @ 9.7 in ARB?

No flares, 2x AIM-9Bs, poor acceleration, delta wing loses all speed in a slight turn.

Not sure what to do with it, besides bomb and then die to anything that sees me.

use 9B to counter AIM-9L, head on people.

Simply die and suffer to be quite honest.

It’s overtiered.

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It’s often used by bots for bomb bases ;) I’d use it like I’m using MiG-23BN. Bomb a base, few ground targets and RTB for another load.

10x 250lb Type 25 + 2x 9Bs are my go to loadout. The 10 bombs will take out a base and the 9Bs are for flaring 9Ls.

Well I hope the devs are actually reading the forums, because a fighter should be able to fight other planes.

But who am I kidding…

It’s not a fighter though, it’s designed to operate in a strike role capacity.

Is that why’s it got so many bombs?
Why’s it designated as a fighter in-game? That’s misleading

I wish I had bought one when it was on sale.

Couldn’t care less what Gaijin prefers to call it, IRL it was designed and purposed in a strike role.

If you play it right you can use it for air-to-air exclusively or after destroying a base.
You need to know what yo ucan fight in which way of course. Need to keep some distance from udnertiered close air support aircraft with all aspect missiles and keep up your speed where possible or necessary.