How to play a replay in older version of game?

I still have an older version of game client backed up, follow this video( and it happens as in picture

so is it still possible to watch older replays?

No and I would be very careful about trying to run and log in with an old version as you might get flagged by EAC.
I’m not sure about the compatibility with old game saves and the current client. Knowing Gaijin they won’t be.

Always has been the case that cross versions, every replay breaks. Should’ve recorded/viewed it earlier.

Sooo it’s the players fault for not reviewing his replay sooner… right even tho I’ve seen it before and now wanted to re watch it and show my friend I cannot just simply open and watch it, i have to do crazy cmd commands and downgrading of war thunder just to watch the said replay.You are the problem with the game and Gajin is lazy and should just add a game version in the settings of the launcher.

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its just the way it is, in future get it recorded or saved somewhere else so you can easily retrieve it.

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I detest the fact that people don’t like what is said, and get all upset enough to label me as an issue with the game because I merely know what the reason is…

You, are the problem with the community… Unrealistic and irrfational demands for things to be done in the way you want because you have no knowledge of it in the slightest.

Lovely, another intellectual who’s offended that people find him unlikeable for being unlikeable. Now, he’s using superfluous words to try to gain some sort of moral high ground because he used a thesaurus.

“Should’ve viewed it earlier” that’s vile. I’m not sure where you got the sheer audacity of that ‘My BS doesn’t stink’ attitude. Just because you’re unbearable in the real world doesn’t mean you have to be one online.

As for viewing your old replays, as the not-so-good doctor said, you can’t. The reason is that your replays aren’t really videos. The game is just reenacting the match using all the inputs it recorded during the match. If you ever watch an aircraft on the other side of the map, you’ll notice its movements aren’t smooth.

That’s because it’s translating the recorded inputs onto an actor, and with every major update, those inputs get invalidated for various reasons. This prevents the actors from using the recorded inputs for movement, invalidating the replay in its entirety. I know that was a long-winded post, but thanks for reading. Have a great day, except the lovely Paragon of Self-Righteousness.

What a marvelous first post you made, full of jaded issue with someone demonstrating thier usage of the language they are native in.

That’s just opinion, and nothing evidential, so please, don’t be slanderous and jealous.

I’ll have a great day, regardless of your labeling.