How to make the planes on the ground

I have tried to use SpawnOnAirfield action,but sometimes it doesn’t work,or dosen’t work very perfect
Also when i want to let many aircrafts to spawn on the airfield,i always need to create a lot of small areas,it’s a complex work,it also will not work properly sometimes
i want to know if there is a better and easier way to make the planes spawn on the ground

You are basically supposed to place the plane on the ground (by using the Drop object icon or pressing Ctrl+Alt+D) and set its speed to 0 in the Object Properties tab.
Here’s a mission example where it has stationary planes on the ground:
testflight_honolulu.blk (87.4 KB)
Keep in mind that the AI in WT doesn’t know anything about taxiing, so it can only take off in a straight line from the point where it was placed.

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