How to make my game smooth

I want to make my game buttery smooth. I don’t think it’s a game issue, but I’d have to check. It’s currently a bit choppy and does a bit of screen tearing sometimes. Is this a monitor issue, or a graphics setting error? I just want it to be super super smooth.

For a start you should post your specifications of your current system and the monitor you use.

In the bottom corner when your playing it should show your current FPS. Note what normal play is, and if it’s stuttering see what the FPS are. A low number would indicate some graphics settings might need to be turned down.

Screen tearing, I’m not expert on causes for that.

Motherboard: MSI Tomahawk ATX factor
CPU: Ryzen 5700x
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1660 super
RAM: Corsair 16gb
Storage: 500gb SSD
Monitor: LG, 80hz, 2560-1080
Operating System: Windows 10

Im currently running on Movie+ (custom) graphics, no FPS limit.

Screen tearing happens, but not very often.

I usually run a solid 70-145 FPS, that’s what makes me think it’s the monitor refresh rate.

First, you’ll need to match the frame rate of your GPU to the maximum refresh rate of your Monitor, at the best resolution your GPU can handle.

Second, you’ll need to have the least amount of textures loaded cause the GPU might not be able to handle the swapping all the time.

id suggest checking vertical synchronisation

Do you have “Vsync” set to On or Adaptive, or is it off?

In the regular launcher it is:

2 options to quickly fix this are vsync and or dlss. There is more you can do but these 2 are quick and simple with the smallest hit to gfx quality.

I’d have to check in a bit, I run from Steam, so I’ll boot it from the launcher.

Alr, I’ll try, I’ve just been watching some videos recently, and they just look so much smoother than my gameplay.

You can check in the game too, regardless of launcher. In the game: Options | Graphics

If vsync is off then you can get screen tearing.

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