How to make F-15 more competitive against the Su-27

As of right now the F-15A is coming to the game with 4 AIM-9M’s(which is a fine loadout) and 4 AIM-7M’s(which are ok in a vacuum) while the Su27 is coming with 10 missiles in total and it can carry 6 R-27ER’s which outperform the Sparrow in everyway.

My suggestion.

The Su-27s loadout is fine. but to make the game more balanced a good addition to F-15s is the AIM-7MH or the AIM-7P.

The current problem with the sparrow is its max 45km range due to its seeker. The AIM-7MH or the AIM-7P would fix this by adding datalink. These missiles have the same power as the current AIM-7F/M but the datalink would allow it to continue flying longer after a lock is lost(one of the big advantages the R27R/ER has) AIM-7MH would also loft, helping it achieve longer ranges.

If nothing changes the Su-27 will be the best at long ranges and close ranges.



Su-27 needs to go up to 13.0 minimum

6x R-27ER/Ts and 4x R-73s is busted as hell

The F-15A could go to 12.7 alongside some other planes

And some 12.0s could go to 12.3

Overall decompression of the top BRs is needed tbh


I remember saying this in another thread, the F-15a will never be competitive to the Su-27. The Su-27 has better missiles, HMD, better maneuverability, and can carry a 10 missiles. On paper the F-15A can’t really beat that on a 1v1. Imo, adding fox 3 missiles to everyone would make the F-15s more competitive as at least both the Su27 and F-15 have similar equal missiles (120 vs 77s).


Can we just get an F-15C after the F-15A. Like when the F-16 for the US got the ADF after the dev server. I really don’t care about the grind. I think F-15C in game will match much closer to the Su-27. It was produced before the Su-27 anyways so why not. Also the US already gets the F-16C which is pretty on par with the new jets, that entered service 1991 while the Su-27 didn’t fully enter service until 1990.


Let the F-15C have Aim-120As then. They wouldn’t be OP but would allow us to compete agaisnt the madness that is an Su-27 with 6 R27ERs and 4 R-73s


I dont think AIM-120s are ready, i believe they said that their coming withing the next 2 updates. they just werent ready

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Yeah, but honestly that’s how i think things can be balanced. If the 120A comes alongside the R-77 it’s gonna be DOA.

Add AIM-120 and AIM-9X.


After the Recent FM changes its actually pretty good in the dog fight now

I was only talking about the 120A Here. But you’re right the F-15A is actually good in a dogfight

The F15 is better at dogfighting than it was at the start, but it’s not enough… Why take the F15 rather than the F16C, which is better at everything?
Better in dogfight, has more aim9m, extra hmd etc…

The F15 is sorely lacking in bvr

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