How to know the right time to launch a gbu from an f14

how to know the right time to launch a gbu in the cockpit view, I’m having trouble hitting the targets marked with a laser, they don’t go on target unless they are launched at the right time which you can only see from third person

The easiest way is if they are moving. If they are moving and your lock follows them, you are good to fire. It is much harder when they are stationary. I would recommend getting a lock from no further than 6-7km out.

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problem is that sometimes the bomb missed the target, it should have a bombsight

F-14 has a ballistic computer. I’m not sure how you get it up in first person view, but it should come up on the HUD.


The problem is that you might be trying to lock from too far out or too close. Too far out and the laser will lock to the ground and not the tank. Too close and the gbu doesnt have enough time to correct itself. Also, use no bomb fuse or the assault fuse. If you have a fuse on the bomb, a moving tank will be able to get out of the destruction zone between the time the bomb hits them and when the timer on the fuse runs out.

It has a ballistic computer only for the cannon, I usually play in simulator mode and understand the functions, but it may be that loading only gbu is not available hud bomb


I throw the old-fashioned way in a dive, but when flying in a straight line, there is a problem with this, because the ILS does not display current or a sign that start-up is allowed

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