How to keep bombing camera down in A-10A early and F-4E?

If i want to fly in 0 degree or climbing and at same time launch an AGM-65B or GBU-8 I’ll have to move my mouse many times over mousepad so i can bring camera down each time i want to drop a guided bomb or launch a missile because camera always look forward. Is there any way to lock camera from resetting to forward? In helicopters or drones sight stabilization can help with this but it doesn’t work with A-10A early or F-4E.

Look for a button that locks the guided bombs on 1 position. Then, using thirdperson look at your target and press this button, then select the AGM-65 TV sight

What is name of this in control settings? I’ve looked there but didn’t found anything like this.

Try Sight Stabilization

There isn’t a camera resetting thing, the previously used camera has been fired by your own command and a new camera being used after that.

What you looking for is about quickly adjusting the new camera.

@Horber_The_Lord as i said sight stabilization doesn’t work with these planes.
@TrotylYu No even if i don’t fire anything camera still reset. Where i can find this setting for quickly adjusting camera? If you say i should increase my mouse overall speed I can’t do that.

Just tested it works well.

Are you aware that those missile seeker has almost no look-down ability and you have to point the plane to the target?

Can you tell me instructions? In both F-4E and A10a Early when i was in missile camera i pressed L which i assigned to sight stabilization in aircraft control settings but it didn’t work unlike helicopters and drones.

No i wasn’t aware but when i tested now i see that i can’t do that. A few times Mig-27 bombed me while climbing when i was in ADATS and FlaRakRad. They were beyond my missiles’s range and i had my lock on them waiting for them to be in my range but they still bombed and killed me while they were above me in 12+km range. I guess their planes and bombs are more advanced than my ancient F-4E.

  1. Point your plane to the (close to) target position in 3rd-person view;
  2. Activate sight stablization in 3rd-person view;
  3. Switch to missile seeker view;
  4. Adjust the sight to center on target and lock;
  5. If the lock is correct (follows the taget not terrain) then fire/release the missile, for GBUs also check the CCIP/CCRP indicator if at good position;

PS: You cannot compare an aircraft-mounted sight to a missile-seeker sight, they’re in different workflows. You may want to take a look at A-7K or Kurnass 2000, which can use camera pod to launch AGM-65.


Thank you for answer.