How to Improve in F4S

I keep getting only one kill with the AIM-7F then I always die too a radar missile, any tips on how to improve and get more kills?

As some one who isn’t the greatest, but who has been improving: positioning, awareness and notching.
The big trick with evading radar missiles at mid to long range is learning to break the lock BEFORE they launch.
What I did was take some time out from trying to kill, ran chaff only and climbed to a “bad” position to bait out locks and then practiced notching (turning so you’re perpendicular to the locking radar).
At closer ranges, rudder and barrel rolls are usually effective at dodging head-ons radar missiles, but not if you’re screaming through the middle of the enemy team - but it is fun to practice doing just that and seeing how many you can dodge before someone gets you.
This has been my terrible advice, that helped me get better if not good.