How to grind the modifications of the new Sukhoi Su-25T?

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I have obtained the Su-25T. It is a subsonic assault aircraft with two R-60M AAMs facing a lot of BVR SARH AAMs, and usually AIM-54, if played in Air RB.

Radar detection ability and velocity of aircrafts in the BR are significantly better than those of 10.0, so the strategy of “hide for the first engagement and bomb later” works less. And for air-to-air combat, there is no major difference between Su-25T and Su-25 other than the missile complex “Vikhr”. I have not obtained it, but I doubt if it is useful in Air RB. Examples of Su-17M4 and MiG-27M says that Su-25T should at least have more AAMs (which it has historically!) to stay at 11.3.

I shall also try Air AB and Ground RB (once I have S-25O), but I am pessimistic, and one reason is that players gain less RPs in fixed time playing these modes.

How will you grind the modifications for Su-25T? Thank you for opinions.

Didn’t you get 2 TV guided Kh-29T with 13km lock and launch Range like the SU-39?

They’re quite impressive and useful, but only in GRB.

The 11.3 BR in ARB is just to high, that’s for sure.

If u want to grind Air, just pick a normal tech tree one, the SU-25T / SU-39 just isn’t worth the money for that job.

This is the plight of pretty much every other subsonic attacker in air RB, you aren’t going to be largely relevant to the actual air combat going on within the match 99% of the time.

Grind wise though I’d still recommend grabbing the napalm tanks as you can take out 2 bases with a full payload which should garner around half ish mod research per two bases.

In the case of dealing with 54s, really just stay low, with their current implementation under about 4000 feet neither of the 54s reliably track at all, usually just flying off above the target. R-27ERs and heaters wont react the same way though, but the latter is now easily dealt with as stock flares are a thing, the former is a R-27ER, so mortis if you are within range and stock.

Yeah, but his major problem is still the same:

He won’t be able to get to the bases 90% of the time.

While at 10.0 it’s most of the time possible to do so (mainly because of IR threats most of the time) it’s just not really possible at 11.3-12.0.