How to grind the modifications of a stock Su-25T?

I’ve just got the Su-25T, and its super hard to grind. Either i get shot down by top tier AAA in GRB or i die before reaching a base in ARB, can someone please help me? With stock modifications you can barely do anything especially with R-60M’s.

You either take long trip to ground pound or play SIM.

I dont play sim at all and ground pounding is sometimes hard to do with small rockets.

What I usually do is bomb 2 bases with 8x ZB-500 bombs or just die before reaching the base 70% of the time

Lol :D, yeah gaijin needs to do something for slow attackers.

Take every headon you possibly can. It’s pain but it’s really the only option

I dont have that many problema in using rockets, Just use the balistica computer and go take down the AI like tanks and SAMs.

alright guys i have almost spaded the su25t and ik how to play it now