How to get the F-111A wings to sweep?

Managed to break a wing in my first F-111A mission, so did some research to figure out why they didn’t sweep.

The wiki article on the 111 says need to have inner and outer pylons empty -

OK - so I play around with some test flights (RB mode) -

I can get hte wings to sweep when carrying missiles and gatling gun.

But with missiles, gatling gun, and 12 bombs it won’t work at all - so pylons 1, 5, 8 and 12 are empty, gun in position 6 (bomb bay):

Tried with no gatling gun, missiles on 3 and 10, 3 x bomb on 2 and 11… still no sweep…

Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong??

ETA: I’ve got wing sweep set to automatic, but nothing changes when I set to semi-automatic when I did that a few times

Ok I don’t exactly own the F-111A but I assume the wing swept should work universally. I see that you have the button to activate between automatic and semi automatic. Do you also happen to have the 2 buttons set to sweep from 0% to 100% or vice versa?

I think having stores out on the wings will stop you from sweeping them back.

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Yes wing sweep should happen automatically, but having stores on the inner and outer pylons apparently limits it or even prevents it entirely, and I haven’t been able to figure out a configuration that lets the wings sweep - apart from carrying only 2 Sidewinders - which isn’t all that useful!

Obviously some people know - I’ve seen the plane in games operating with lots of bombs and swept wings - both on my side and in opposition.

Inner can have bombs outer can not or vice versa they did explain in the dev stream when it came out

Thanks - yes I already know that there is SOME limitation - I just can’t tie down precisely what it is.

Don’t suppose you have a link to that dev stream? If you search wiki for “F-111A dev stream” there’s dozens of videos and links :/

Stations 1,2,11,12 need to be empty.

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Thanks - just figured that out!!

I think I might edit the wiki to say exactly that!!

It be nice when creating a loadout it show a picture of the plane with a drop down on the pylon of the weapons