How to get more banners on profile?

well, I’ve been here for a while, also playing game for a long time but I have only “Wind of change” banner, how do I get more of these?
I guess they are useless but cool.

Hello, banners are obtained when you buy a pre-order bundle of a major update.

alr interesting, but what if I didnt preorder any bundle, why do I have it?, yes I have few premiums but none of these were preodered.
But thanks for answer

Okay, so it doesn’t have to be pre-ordered.
But at least it’s with the purchase of the bundle corresponding to the major update.


This isn’t accurate. It’s participating in closed betas for major updates OR buying the pack that allows you to bypass the closed beta and get early access. There’s not a pack with a banner for every major update, never has been.

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