How to get crew voice mods to work?

I am trying to get a voice crew mod to work, but nothing sounds in game. I am new to this and don’t really know what I’m doing so I am following this video:

I am following as the video says, but when I build and copy the files to sound/mod and run the game, none of the voices play. My assumption is that the game is reading the files correctly and sees that there are mod sound files, but then I did something wrong in the process and nothing plays.

Any help is appreciated.

Try this
Sound modifications - War Thunder Wiki.

That video is from 3 years ago. Any mod from 2020 no longer works. Mods from 2021 probably don’t either. just look at the mod format file name in the file before the mod. That is how they are constructed now. Theoretically, you might be able to make it work if you rename them to modern filings however this is very slim as they are old.

the section you linked is about installing sound mods, but I am trying to make one. Outside of that one page on the wiki I can’t seem to find any more recent documentation.

Yeah I know the video is old, but I couldn’t seem to find anything better or more recent. The problem I am running into is making the mod, not installing one I downloaded.
I am following the video as it says, setting the directory for sound files to one with all the files I will use, and then changing the programmer instrument thing, but it doesn’t seem to work.

On a side note, is there some community for sound modders that I could get in contact with? I did some searching but I can’t seem to find anything.

Do no crew voices play or does the regular voices play?

No crew voices play at all, which is why I am confused. It seems to me the game is reading the files, but something I did while making them isn’t correct.

Assuming you didnt replace the original, odd. And you edited the config.blk file right?

Yeah, all the files I put in have gone into the War Thunder/sound/mod, and the config.blk has


in it. I also just tried building the default sound files from fmod studio and putting those in the mod folder, and those played sounds correctly. I guess then it’s clear the problem lies in how I changed everything in fmod studio, so back to trial and error it is I guess.

Might be something that the anti-cheat is catching? Try making soke small changes to the originals and put those in the mod folder. Your mod might have a change the tipped some anti-cheat.

I wonder what it could be though, all I am putting in are a bunch of .wav files.

What kind of change exactly could I test and know? Something like changing the “target destroyed” set of lines and testing that in test drive?

Also, I want to know if there is something wrong with how I am going about this. First, I have a folder with all of my .wav sound files. So I will test with the Russian ground voice lines, so in Fmod studio, in Banks/dialogs_crew/dialogs_wt_tanks_new/_crew_dialogs_ground_new_ru/Audio Table, I am setting the source directory to the folder with my sounds in it. Then in Events/dialogs_crew_ground, I am modifying voice_message_target_destroyed_v3 by changing the appropriate file in my source directory to match the name of what is under “oneshot” for the voice_message_target_destroyed_v3, and the build that part of it, in this case Banks/dialogs_crew/dialogs_wt_tanks_new/_crew_dialogs_ground_new_ru.

I will say I still have not a lot of idea what I’m doing so if that’s completely wrong I apologize.

I am not home atm so i cant do testing myself sadly.
If i am reading this right, you are editing other files other than the config.blk? Unless it is different for crew voices, the only file outside of the mods folder that should be edited is the config.blk

The long paragraph is all being done in Fmod studio. I build in Fmod and that gives me .bank files which I then put in War Thunder/sound/mod. Then yes the only file in the war thunder directory that is being edited is config.blk with the additional lines in the sound section.

I see. I can try to test stuff out when i get home but that will be a good while. In the mean time, see if small changes work. Change a single cree voice line and see if it and the other voices still play. If the small change breaks all of the voice lines, then you need to find a newer video. I am pretty sure gaijin changed their sound structure a couple years ago and it broke all the sound mods.

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I will do that, thanks for all the help.

For when you get back home. I was tinkering around and I found that in Fmod, under Banks/dialogs_crew/dialogs_wt_tanks_new/_crew_dialogs_ground_new_ru/Audio Table that if I try to set the source directory to anything other than the default of Assets/dialogs_wt_tanks_2023/russian_new, when I go to build the game for Russian crew voices, no lines will play at all in game. So I’ve come to the conclusion that I can only modify stuff in that original folder. I put some stuff in and it actually played in game! Only problem is that some things play at not my desired time but now I know it works and how to do it, it’s just trial and error at this point.
Thanks again for your guidance, I really appreciate it.