How to fill some French Ground TT gaps - A discussion thread

Based on these Reddit posts
X32 TT

LT line


This discussion is there to help to fix gaps in the tech tree, Feel free to discuss. I’ll lay my own ideas to start.

We should try to focus on vehicle that are actually useful and not gimmick vehicles that will bloat the tree with more RP blocks (i am thinking any VBL that isn’t the HOT ATM or the Spike one, given they have a very niche use and little armament to be flexible and with the ATGM nerf anything that makes them even more useless)

Tier I & II :

needs more vehicles that can do damage = French M2A4, French M3 Honey, French M5A1, Canon Conus (think M3 GMC), M3 GMC, M8 LAC (with a different 50 mounting), M8 HMC, LVTs, stuff like that. Replace the AA with one of the single 20 or 25mm trucks used IRL (ie : French 20 or 25 on trucks), would be much better.

Tier III :

lacks 76 guns, could be fixed with WW2 French M4A3 76 or post-war M4A1 MDAP, M4A4 could use a .50. SPAA lacking too, something partly enclosed would be cool. There’s that AMX 13 with 4 MG 151 which could be ok, or that GMC modified with the same guns as the Wirebellwind

Tier IV :

Need 6.0 worthy tanks = M26/26A1, to go with C.A. Lorraine

Tier V :

AML Eclairage with its 20mm and MILAN, AMX 10 M HOT with its 20mm and HOT missiles (not to be mistaken for the AMX 10 M ACRA), VBL HOT ATM with its HOT missiles and stabilized 30mm gun , (this is Rank VII material) VBCI T40 (unmanned) because why not. Maybe an AMX 30 A, and give them both L26A1 APDS (as tested with lowered velocity)

Maybe throw the AML 90 Revalorisé there with its (very weak) APFSDS and LLTV. it wold basically act as an APDS car.

I feel like the AMX 13 S232 with its two M693 20mm could be good there. Or anything with the TA 20 turret

Tier VI :

Anything stabilized or need missile and cannon as a minimum bottom line from there on minus some exceptional cases. Unless you wnat to make the tree uncompetitive.
Would throw in some the the X32s above, maybe two more AMX 40 with lowered engine HP, one of them as premium. The Santal could be reworked into the TA23 with the older turret model, which would allow it to have both missiles and guns for a change. AMX 10 TTB140 is a good stabilized, CITV, HEVT using APFSDS spewing, optical tracking 40MM L70 SPAA that could be added. AMC 6x6 could be cool too (30mm and ATGMs)
The AMX 30 CH29 cou ld be added to fix the main tank line.
The AMX 30 that served as test bed for the X32 could also be added to fix the main tank line.
The AMX 30 VE could be an interesting premium given it has CITV

VBCs and ERCs needed to be added as their stabilized versions (ie : the TTB190 equipped ERC 1, ERC 2 and VBC 90), the unstabilized ones can and will uselessly bloat the tree and be uncompetitive which will discourage Gaijin from adding the stabilized ones.

Tier VII :

Rolands needs to be fixed to its version with tracking radar like others. It should not take much time to recycle assets and would prove beneficial for the tree as well as accuracy.

Really need the Vextra 120 for that tier

Leclercs should be get a TT preseries model (pick Estienne or Ares)

A 501 RCC XL as a premium would be nice to have too to compete with other premiums

Given others have many subvariants, cutting the XL into more subvariants could help as well. S1 could be devided into S1T1 (= ARES, Bayard, Estienne had different side armour panels from series) and S1T5 (ingame S1), S2 into S2T6, S2T9 and S2T9+ (S2T9 with XXI CITV fitted for trials and planned retrofit of the S2 fleet until budget cuts), S XXI has T10 ans T11 which could be differentiated with ammo maybe ? (switch to OFLE 102 F1-B+, OFL 120 F2-A or OFLE 102 F2-B or to something else, finally add the HE M3M)

Paper vehicles : Partly paper vehicles such as the AML 20 TG120M (basically Eclairage but slightly different turret with 2 missile launch tubes) are tempting or the conventional turret AMX M4/50 could be used to fill gaps the day we really need to scrap the barrel


Leclerc Prototype Ares with ofl 120 g1 could hopefully help patch up the 9.7 to 11.7 gap just to make the jump from 8.3 to 11.7 less aggressive the vbci 2 3030 could be a Tech Tree counter part to the Vbci 2 (mct30) and come before the t40 turret series of vehicles

as well as the Giat T59 could be a potential 8.3 before the amx 32 105 im not sure the hp per ton, M47 Pattons with 90mm and 105 could come to help at 7.3, Roland 2

lacks 76 guns, could be fixed with WW2 French M4A3 76 or post-war M4A1 MDAP, M4A4 could use a .50. SPAA lacking too, something partly enclosed would be cool. There’s that AMX 13 with 4 MG 151 which could be ok, or that GMC modified with the same guns as the Wirebellwind

Pity not yet American vehicles in our TT… A few stories to fill, but not too much. I don’t want to look like the Chinese tree which 3/4 of its trees is made up of foreign vehicles.

But we agree on one point, France needs DCA between T1 and T4. The LTs offered on Reditt are interesting and relevant. The Leclerc Prototype and an evidence, Gaijin should have implemented it, and this, for a long time (especially when we see the quantity of Soviet prototype… Gaijin has no excuse)

Other real VBCI me I said Yes.

But let’s be realistic, there is little chance that Gaijin will move, in view of the undeniable French Bashings, gaijin will wish to add Soviet prototype material before correcting and improving the French TTs or the Japanese TTs (we must not forget them either) .

Especially since Gaijin has made the French TT like an elitist tree, refusing to correct it with dignity because according to them they obtain very good results, yes necessarily when almost all of the users of the French TT are confirmed players, they obtain good results , however this scares away new players.

yeh and that m47 with the 105 has a french 105 so its plausible but i understand what you mean with the i don’t want it to look like the Chinese tech tree tho

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Wheeled vehicle mechanics are mostly less than 2 years old. I say mostly since the physics changes made after the initial ones were paramount to paving the way for more wheeled vehicles.
I expect most of the capable wheeled vehicles are in development.

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they will most likely revert the traction changes or buff them since in the road map they are changing a big chunk of the maps landscapes and hopefully the campy/sniping spots they dont like us to get to

Which changes? Cause we haven’t had traction changes in years.

He had done a public test on the Dev Server before the La Royale Update. Or the traction system was different which made the game unplayable.

im talking about the ones from years ago as well as didn’t they just nerf wheeled vehicles on slopes recently im not sure 100% on that one

Slopes were made more accurate. So there’s no reason to nerf that.
You could code in dig-in inertia. Where a vehicle slides digging into a slope, but that wouldn’t be a buff really. The slope limits would remain the same cause we’re within a couple degrees of accuracy currently.


Yeah that was reverted to player feedback, including mine.
Mine mentioned the fact that vehicles didn’t dig into the ground after sliding a number of cm.
The sliding itself was more accurate, but it didn’t have dig-in inertia.
So yeah that was scrapped.

the only thing i dislike is it doesn’t feel like wheeled vehicles dig in when they turn if that makes sense idk they are probs working on there physics in general

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This feels like shoving more 'Murica where it doesn’t need to go, as there are plenty of strange machines from AMX, ARL, FCM and Somua to be shoved around, especially the needlessly hilarious Superheavy tanks like the ARL Tracteur C and FCM F1 which were enough in development (full scale wooden mockup with some complete parts) to warrant throwing into the game for TOG II-like Rank IIIs, and Rank I and II could be more along the lines of vehicle lineages that don’t have another way to get into the game