How to fight M1s and Leopards with the 40mm


I’m playing Sweden as my latest nation and having a lot of fun with those 9040s. I usally encounter Chinese and Russian tanks, which I can kill from the side, or disable and finish them later or at least get an assist.
Recently I’m runnig into more an more US and German MBTs, which seem to be almost impossible to kill from any angle. Shooting them from the side might take out the engine and on crew member, but no matter how many darts I put into the side, neither the Leopard, nor the Abrahams die.

Does anybody have some clues for me to continue living the good live with 40mm darts?

It’s rough. When trying to counter them with the 9040, my general advice is to go for the barrel. Killing them can be a bit hard if you don’t have the right angle, but knocking out the barrel will mean that you have the time to go around them, or at worst, they retreat behind cover and they’re not a threat for at least 20 seconds.

It can be a little difficult at first. I recommend that you aim for their barrel, after dealing with their main weapon destroy their tracks and aim for middle part of the tank, that is where most of their crew is placed.

Pro tip: If you want to annoy them even more, aim for their ammo that is placed in back part of turret, that will give you a couple of seconds to think what to do because it won’t let them repair.