How to download War Thunder on library PC/ how to get easy anti-cheat on library PC

I can download war thunder on a library PC but can’t play Ground RB due to needing admin login for Easy Anti-Cheat, Any advice?

Give anti-cheat admin login, its needed for Anti-cheat system to work

I know but since it the library’s they aren’t willing to give me admin access.

You need to ask them to install it and make the exception for the antivirus, but honestly, you want to go to a cyber cafe or something rather than chucking games on a PC that isn’t yours and is in a public setting that isn’t for really playing games.

bro I’m 14 and homeless i don’t got money to use any other platform.

but i get your point

As a random suggestion, maybe try make a gaming club and try get hosted by the library maybe…

esports is a new thing that people should be receptive to, and some would likely throw a couple of PCs to the library to help out.

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