How to disable Release Flare and chaff mode, also how to disable visual selection

Hello! I was recently doing some Air RB matches and took noticed that some of my controls are binded to do some thing that were originally were binded for, example, I would press Shift + D to move but it automatically switches to something called release flare, chaff or both. Same thing for which machine guns I need as well when I press Left shift + A. I want to find a way to disable these so this doesn’t interfere with my air battles as much.

Any assistance would be appreciated, thank you.

One is “Visual Weapon Selector” under “Weaponry”.

The other is still under “Weaponry” - switch countermeasures.

This was buried in a wall of text on the changelog.


Awesome, this was able to work, I look under weaponry and seen the other things.

Thanks! :)

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