How to destroy high tier blue water vessels?

I just got USS Nevada and its AP shell recently, however, I found that sometimes it is even very hard to destroy bot cruisers meanwhile I can destroy other ships with a single shot by ammo detonation. When I play USS Wyoming, I got detonated by RM Andriea Doria easily. When I shoot other battleships, the AP shells are sheltered by armour even the AP shells hit the armor vertically and have enough penetration when hitting the armor plates.
What shall I do to fight against USS Helena, Type 68 light and other battleships?
Do you have some other tips for high tier navy games?

What I know so far:

Admiral Hipper/Prince Eugen: X/Y turret
USS Des Moines/Newport News : B turret
USS Wyoming: P/Q turret

Just study the armor and x-ray of the ships you want to kill in the hangar. That’s all there is to it really. Didn’t you learn to do that already while grinding all the way to Nevada?

No shells hit vertically - they may look like it but that is just perspective…


Against cruisers you might find common shell/SAP is better due to having more HE - but in practice I just try to hit turrets and usually stick to AP.

I have noticed a few more capital ships blowing up when I shoot at them recently tho’ - maybe my aim is getting better??! :)

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Sry, my description is confusing, by vertical I mean that even in close range (within 5 km), the shells are almost horizontal to the sea surface and hit the armor plate in 90 degrees, the shells just make the armor plate black and have no further damage (reducing enemy crews etc.). And it is not due to the penetration problem because I am using Nevada to shoot a Scharnhorst using AP.

Unfortunately, US battleships do not have SAP shells :(

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Ah - yes indeed!

IIRC one has only AP but the others all have HE with about 70mm pen - that would be better vs DD’s and hte like - although TBH I usually don’t bother with it, using only AP vs everything!

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banzai with torpedo

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No gun in the game can penetrate the Scharn’s turtleback(which is right behind the belt and protects most the crew and modules) at 5km. There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with doing no damage when shooting a Scharnhorst’s belt armor area at 5km with a Nevada’s AP shell. That’s just how tanky (and OP) Scharnhorst’s turtleback armor scheme is at close ranges.

Are you having problems damaging other ships, aside from Scharn?

I think only Scharnhorst is just so difficult to destroy actually

Than that’s normal.

That is normal. That ship is quite difficult to take down. I’ve not had a chance to study it, so I don’t know if it’s OP or just well engineered. 😳 It looks pretty solid, so since the beginning; I’ve just been pounding away at it and hoping that people will actually help and not just run away. lol

I actually have that question too? It’s quite the grind getting to the Nevada so you must have some success right? I have found that ammo racks are literally “hit or miss.” As a result, I do carry HE shells with me. They can be quite effective in grinding down a ships personnel when I am in battle at distance.

I mainly play Naval EC these days, and at distances of 12 km and above, sometimes you have a better chance of wearing out the crew before actually punching a hole in the thing. The Helena and her sister ship, both have “Anti-Fragmentation” armor, so you are better off using AP with them. Use HE on the bridge and AP below deck and you can wear her down faster.

HE can also come in handy during an air attack. And it is a lot easier to take out a plane with your main guns than you think. 😱 And do pilots hate when you do that! LOL Good luck and happy hunting!


I’d say well engineered. The turtleback armor scheme does what it was designed to do very well, which is to protect the vitals at close ranges.

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