How To Deal With Streaks?

Howdy. Nukemind here.

I am not being arrogant. I have played flight sims all my life. I am playing Arcade now. But I don’t get it. This entire night I have played 13 games. 11 with me being the top player. 2 with me being the 2nd (granted I am in low tiers).

I lost all but two. I don’t get it. And, honestly, I am getting kinda angry- I’ve won two of those. Game I killed 15? Didn’t matter, 5 of our players just quit the game. Game where I literally killed 22 ground targets? Who cared our team lawndarted.

It feels like I am fighting against my own team. I have played plenty of pvp games besides flight sims (and arcades). I have never encountered a game where you can be the top player and just… lose. Constantly. My “Average Relative Position” is 88%, but it doesn’t matter. Because my teams just… melt.

And I truly don’t know what I can do to change it. My overall WR is 57%, yes, but it feels like I should be able to carry these teams.

Although rumor has it, half of the top players do so.

In arcade, you have to thoroughly understand the victory conditions. And then you have to make sure that everyone else knows what to do. So if you want to win arcade more often, you have to use chat. You have to lead.

And from your stats, it seems that you favor air duels. You should switch to realistic. In low tier arcade, ground is what decides who wins.


Oi, I truly appreciate it. I’m not going to lie I was EXTREMELY nettled that day.

I will make the switch over. I’m always eager to grow, and my personal belief is that by being swatted down you grow, by being on top you stagnate.

That day I posted this… I knew it was arrogant but seriously. Killin 18 or even 20 but seeing 2-3 players just bailed on the game and didn’t even try to play was getting to me. Losing those matches hurt.

My apologies if it came off caustic. Will definitely try that as I said. Looking forward to learning new things. Japan and Italy are already my favorite due to turning ability, Ki-61 in particular due to merging the two, so I’m eager to see how it’ll be.

For what it’s worth I’ve tried to lead in chat. Half the time I get things like “How do I drop a bomb” if I even get a reply.

If I bring a bomber and get ground strike I can usually win though sadly though not with much xp as it’s more weighted to aerial kills.

I do think that messed me up- for a while I was only getting GS. Now I only get cap the points and 1/3 my load out is bombers. Even when I dislike all the air sup maps it doesn’t make a difference it seems like.