How to deal with f15 roll rate

I just got the f15. I can’t hit anything due to the slow roll rate at all speeds. Can anyone advise me on how to spade it (I am stock) and how to play it in general?

Get the “new boosters” modification, it gives a rather significant boost to the rollrate. Stock experience is just something to get through, but the mods you should focus first at are the missiles (sparrows will give you a somewhat semi reliable missile for kills, at least more than the 9Ls) and the new boosters. Getting the countermeasures modification can be decently helpful as well as it would allow you to equip chaff, which can be particularly strong nowadays with how finicky radars are.

Once you get the 9Ms you are basically set, you just fly around and stay fast and sling 9Ms and watch things die. General playstyle is the same as any other toptier plane, you just try stay fast and missile people. The F-15 quite excels at staying fast as the engines are absolutely absurd, especially for 12.3.

As for dogfighting, the F-15 is very capable of doing that. You can dogfight all the Russian stuff, but you have to be careful of F-16As and Gripens, those generally still kick your butt there. The Mirage 4k I just haven’t seen enough, but it’s also something to look out for. Just have good throttle control I guess.

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