How to counter XP-50?

The thing is fucking rediculous…

Depends what plane you are in really. The main issue right now is the airspawn it gets so it will almost always be above you, it isn’t hard to energy trap if you come in with the advantage.

That’s the neat part, you don’t!

(You have to pray that the XP-50 pilot is sufficiently unskilled and commits enough mistakes for you to win)

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Really depends on what you’re flying. There are a couple ways to outfly them, but it is very aircraft-dependent.

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Play a turnfighter and bait him into dumping his energy and then outturn him works for me

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Regarding “how to counter XP-50s” - i use this tactic very effectively :

So even as the linked replay is not longer available (usually just 2 weeks) you can beat them more than often quite easy. Just look at their player cards upfront engagements - 95% of their pilots are rookies.

And even good pilots in XP-50s can’t fight the high compression - so in order to get kills they need to come close.

So you need a plane able to turn better (at least sustained) with a higher (or ot least not really slower) rip speed with less high speed compression - and, ofc, maxed crews / ace crews to avoid g-locks during these high g-load maneuvers.

I wrote this in the same thread:


Just force it to compress. You need to drag it down - it compresses very easily and, without altitude, it’s a very mediocre fighter.

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Thank you all for your, guys’ advice!