How To Become a Moderator?

I was just wondering how to become a moderator for the game. i’ve been playing for a few years now, and to be honest, i’m kinda sick of all the toxicity, and would rather at least attempt to be able to try to help at least lessen it, and i think becoming a mod would be the best/only way to do so.

Generally there will be posts up for them recruiting when they are accepting new members, generally in the corresponding area to their role (i.e suggestion mods will recruit in the Suggestions - News section and Technical mods in the community tech support section)

Your best bet is to wait around for a place to open in your desired mod area and fire an application in, the general rule of thumb is around once a year for each recruiting area but sometimes may be more or less depending on demand for new staff

One thing to also note is the senior staff like Smin or Pacifica are gaijin employees so you would need to actually apply for a job at gaijin if they were offering


Thank you, this is really helpful. I appreciate it <3