How to avoid G-LOC

I’ve transitioned to jet fighters fairly recently, and I found that G-LOC is much more common than when I was playing on props. The only way I know to avoid it is to stop turning when the screen starts going dark, but I’m constantly pulling Gs in dogfights and frequently stopping and starting is quite annoying, especially when I have to stop turning at an inconvenient time (e.g. when I’m just about to get my guns on the enemy, or when the enemy is just about to do the same to me). Are there more effective/elegant ways to avoid G-LOC?

The first thing you could do is try upgrading the crews G-force stamina.
Another thing is, if your on PC or use keyboard, you can push your plane the opposite direction for a second and that will give you less time in G-LOC (This can also work for controller players but not to the same extent).
The last thing I can think of is, when the screen starts going dark/ you start going into G-LOC, pull your aircraft in another direction. Namely, in a vertical motion, this has helped me in the past to keep from going into G-LOC.
Oh and of course, you could always try to avoid those high intensity dogfights, and just boom and zoom or some other tactic.
Hope this helps!
Happy hunting!


(f4S) max g-stamina and resistance & g suit only gives like 8-12(ish) seconds before complete blackout and control loss and thats in an 8-10 G turn

How fast are you when taking these turns

mid speed like 400-600 mph and thats the around the speed cap for the f4s in a turn

Well that’s probably your issue. In props your only turning about 150-200, maybe at most a quick one at 250. Your now trying to turn and dogfight at twice that speed, so naturally your going to black out