How to angle perfectly in a tiger 1?

I´ve been having some trouble angling my tiger.
Do i have to align my cannon perfectly with the corner of my side and front plate or should i orientate it a bit to the left/right?

The perfect angle is the barrel at the junction of the front and side plates. (Not always easy on the H1 model, because of the grenade launchers).
It’s the diamond position.

Pointing the corner of your hull towards the enemy is simple and good enough. Angling more you risk exposing too much of your weak lower side armour.

In uptiers Tiger I faces many guns that will easily penetrate it’s armor, so don’t waste time trying to angle (side scraping is fine) and just try to kill them first.

During the Second World War, Tiger tank crews learned to fight in diamonds.
The famous clover-leaf theory stated that the Tiger could be pierced from the front by a T-34-76 at a distance of 500 m, but already at 1500 m to the sides and rear…
Whereas no shell could penetrate at 2H, 10H, 4H or 8H.

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The issue here is that Angling doesn’t make you invulnerable, it just improves your survivability.

What I suggest is a technique called Armor Dancing. If you find yourself in a situation where you’re angling, move your vehicle left and right and back and forth to make hitting your weak points harder. If you’re fighting HEAT weaponry, point your engine toward the opponent first so your power pack eats the shell fired at you. This is risky, but greatly increases your chances at surviving HEAT specifically.

These are just a few ways of protecting yourself in the Armor Meta.

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There is no PERFECT alignment…as said above…corner roughly towards the most dangerous enemy…BUT there are a lot other factors.
As to the turret…i aim at the target i want to kill…FAST…it is better to kill the enemy than place the turret at some specific position, which will be moot if the enemy targets the hull.

DONT ASSUME you can withstand the enemy shot…angled or not, most enemies that hit a Tiger will do some damage. The tiger best “armor” feature is that the first shot wont usually kill the Tiger…but the usual opponents can pierce a Tiger very often…dont believe the myths (and the fact that in War Thunder the Tiger opposition is usually better than IRL).

Corner towards enemy. hope for the best. Tiger best defense is actually its gun…kill the enemy before it can kill you.

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And in addition, what is a good angle vs 1 opponent is useless vs another who is seeing you at a different angle!