How stong would be the 76mm hesh of the FV101 Scorpion be in game?

At what BR would tanks like the FV101 Scorpion or Alvis Saladin be added to the game? Both vehicles fire only the same 76mm hesh. Online I found document that says it can pan 80mm, so probably the pen it would get from Gajins penetration calculator would be around that. But given that how useless and incosistent hesh is currently in game, mostly the mid caliber ones, I really can’t decide where they would belong. Around 3.0 I would say, or am I underestamating the shell, since tanks have way thiner armor around that br and the tanks that use it are qiet nimble and fast? What is your tough on it?

Edit: So I played around in the hangar with the Lancia 3ro-s hesh, which has 75mm of pen, and it does no damage at all, that is the shell I think would heve the most similar performance to the 76mm hesh.

They’re never going to add them.
Even in the hypothetical scenario where they did, it would be overtiered and horrible because of HESH and a modernish platform.

Best not to think about it.

Only real hope for a Scoprion is the Scorpion 90 with the 90mm Gun and for it to be like 6.0/7.0 HESH in game is nerfed as hell

Hesh isnt that bad now from me using it, the FV4005 actually kills a T90 on a hull shot