How should they go about adding multiple ships of the same name?

For example, if they wanted to add USS Mississippi (BB-23) of the Mississippi-class, but Mississippi (BB-41) already exists, how should/would they add it? Since they have the same name and all.

There are already IJN Ayanami and JDS Ayanami, Imperial destroyer Kerch and Soviet cruiser Kerch.

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There shouldn´t be much of a problem with it. The name in the files can be us_battleship_mississippi_bb23 or something we already have refit years specified in some cases, and the display name should be non issue as well since stat cards already show way more then just name. We already have bunch of tanks/planes which are at longer ranges called just by their main model name and not the modificatioon - shermans for example.

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You have already answered your question: just name them Mississippi (BB-23) and Mississippi (BB-41)
IDK if you want to know it but we have Lepoard (F14) and Arrow (P-493) in Chinese client cause in Chinese the name of ships is be translated by meaning, so there’s same name in different source language

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Well yes, but I believe in this case the statcard name would be exactly the same. “USS Mississippi.” That’s why I’m curious about it, since idk what they do.
By statcard name I mean the name shown in battles when you kill someone, killfeed name maybe? idk

They don’t usually display the ship designation in the killfeed. But that’s interesting about the Chinese client, didn’t know that

This is entirely dependent on how they structure the localization (language) files they can name it USS Mississippi (BB-23) or if thats too long they could in theory just use BB-23.